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BLT Presents A Stunning Production Of The Mousetrap
By Bill Mashburn

Brevard Little Theater has reprised “The Mousetrap,” a classic murder mystery by Agatha Christie. It is a good decision. Michael Wilson, a fine actor who has appeared in BLT’s “A Christmas Carol” and “Fiddler on the Roof,” makes his BLT directing debut with masterful and creative control. As usual Maureen Edick, producer, touches all the bases.

The play is fast moving and energy driven, and there is an appealing synergy among the actors. The well cast show is a wonderful blend of well known actors on the Brevard theater scene and some very talented newcomers to the BLT stage.

First, all the actors have strong voices and individualistic characterizations. They keep the mystery going with carefully designed twists and turns.

Mandi Hart gives a very creditable and empathetic interpretation of the character of the young and inexperienced innkeeper, Mollie Ralston, and Michael Boulos is very strong and reliable as her husband and co-innkeeper, Giles Ralston.

Joseph Barcia, gives an incredible performance as Christopher Wren, the young, effeminate, wannabe architect. He has the mannerisms, affectations and facial expressions down to an art form, and both repels and attracts sympathy.

Veteran actress Ann Strother does a marvelous characterization of the haughty and ever so critical Mrs. Boyle, who engenders little goodwill among the guests or innkeepers.

Marvin Barg handles the role of Major Metcalf with his usual professionalism and competence. His is a solid performance.

Sonia Arnold weaves an intricate web of mystery around her character of Miss Casewell. Hers is a surprising performance.

Mich Barg is very entertaining and effusive as an Italian charmer, Mr. Paravicini. This is perhaps Barg’s best and at the same time most difficult performance ever.

And finally, Scott Bean, is relentlessly strong and effective in his role of Detective Sergeant Trotter.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this summer sizzler with its surprise ending.

Performances continue this weekend with performances on Friday, June 25, and Saturday, June 26, at 8 p.m., and Sunday, June 27, at 3 p.m. Reservations may be made by calling (828) 884-2587. All performances are at the American Legion Hall, 55 East Jordan St. in downtown Brevard.

See the original review in the Transylvania Times here.


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