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Monthly Archives: November 2010

So amidst all the wildness of my life, becoming single, starting a new job…. I had the wild notion I should pick up and move to Birmingham!  While my new job is very promising, it will take a little while for me to get back to par with what I was making, and I have my usual bills to contend with, as well as getting re-established in Birmingham.

With this in mind, I went to UHaul’s website and discovered it will cost me nearly $400 to get a small truck with a car-tow for my little Kia.  Yikes!

The move is slated for November 27.  You can help get me back to Alabama by donating anything to the cause.  Here’s the link:

Donate via Paypal

If you can help, thanks so much. If not, that’s totally fine too. Once I get my goal of $400 put together, I’m coming, be it later this month or early December!

Lots of love.