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Ever since I first started working, people have encouraged me to go into real estate.  It’s been a natural progression since then – my latest industry was luxury cars, so this seemed like a logical next step, finally.11025680_10153143432031944_9094100305870587829_o
Having recently completed 60 hour of training and passing the state exam, I only have a few more hurdles left before I can officially call myself a realtor.  The biggest one is my GED.  My late teen years were tumultuous and I ended up dropping out of high school 3 times.  Needless to say, I never got my diploma.

Things are a little tight for me while I finish this huge task of completing my real estate requirements and re-acquainting myself after 20 years with the subjects of language arts, math, social studies and science.  I’m also switching jobs and starting at Keller Williams in an administrative capacity in early September.  Everything is running smoothly but I could use a little help.

Hence why I have created this GoFundMe page.  Any help you can offer to support me finally having my GED and realizing my real estate dreams would be incredible.  Doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

Either way, I’m very grateful for the immense moral support I’ve already received.  It’s a big endeavor and I’m so excited to come out on the either side of it triumphant!

To help out, click here:


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